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Fairfield High School Field of Flags

A personal campaign sponsored by Fairfield High School

November 11, 2023

DAV’s Field of Flags empowers our community to setup up fields of American flags, all to honor local veterans and raise critical funds to support our ill and injured heroes. Each flag is a donation to represent one veteran – and our unwavering commitment to serving all veterans after they’ve sacrificed so much for our country. All donations raise critical funds to support DAV’s life-changing services for veterans in need and their families. We invite you to help honor all veterans and create a field of flags on Fairfield High School's campus. The display will provide our students with the opportunity to see support our community has for veterans and that collective action can make a difference. This field will be a powerful example to our veterans when they visit our building for the annual Veteran's Day luncheon to celebrate their service.


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