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Field of Flags FAQ’s

How do I sign up to host a field of flags?

In order to start a campaign, you must complete the free virtual registration form at

Is there a fundraising minimum to participate in field of flags?

DAV Field of Flags offers two options: 

  1. The most popular campaign is an outdoor planted flag campaign kit, allowing you to host a field of flags outside. A minimum of $250 must be raised in order to mail an outdoor flag kit to your address of choice. 
  2. If you raise less than $250, you have access to download an indoor flag campaign kit, allowing you to print flags on your own printer and display indoors. Some may prefer to choose this option even if they raise more than $250. That is perfectly ok!

How many flags come in a outdoor flag kit?  

For every $250 raised, you will receive 24 flags. So, $250 = 24 flags; $500 = 48 flags, and so on. 

What supplies come in the outdoor flag kit?  

As mentioned above, for every $250 raised, you will receive 24 flags. In addition, the kit includes an instruction sheet, vinyl outdoor banner with grommets and a flag brochure with information about the American flag history and care. The planted flags are 11 in. x 16 in. with a 31 in. pole.

What is the suggested donation for a flag?  

You are able to ask for any amount for a flag based on your goals and the kind of field you want to build. Our suggestion is to ask your community for a $20 donation to support your field of flags campaign. We’ve seen single donations from $10 to $100 and even $500 come in to support campaigns led by fundraisers in their community!  

Generally, when during the year would this fundraiser take place? 

The ideal time for promotion is October leading up to Veterans Day. The fundraiser culminates on Veterans Day with the hope the field is up in time for the community to see when they attend a Veterans Day program. What we have found is that this has become a great way to show visible love to our veterans, on a day America remembers their service and sacrifice.

What is the timeframe for how long you would want the fundraiser to last? 

A month is ideal. The goal is to include the information in your existing communication channels, such as emails, newsletters, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Podcasts), and community attended activities. 

Is there a fundraising deadline?

At the end of October, DAV will send Field of Flags kits to the address provided at registration for flag campaigns that have raised over $250. Donations must be recorded by DAV on October 28, 2024 to tally for the number of flags in your kit.  Donors can still make donations online at any time and we will do our best to accommodate any campaign donations made after the deadline.  

Will DAV provide marketing materials to help me promote this to my community? 

Yes! As a Field of Flags organizer, you will have access to a marketing digital toolkit online. Go to and login. Click on the word “resources” in the navigation. Here you will find a social media toolkit, graphics, videos and other printable items to help you spread the word!

How do I share my Field of Flags donation page with my community?

Go to and login. Once logged in, copy your fundraising page URL and paste it in an email, text, or your social media feeds. It’s that easy!

How big are the flags?

The flags in the outdoor planted kit are 12 in. x 18 in. with a 31 in. pole.   The paper flags that can be downloaded and printed after registration are 5 in. x 5 in.

How do I setup my field?

You can host your own “Field of Flags” anywhere this Veterans Day, from workplace green spaces, inside office buildings, school classrooms, your own front lawn, or athletic fields. Look for a location that is highly visible to not only your school or employees, but the community.   

When do I setup my flags?

We suggest you plan to erect your field the week prior to Veterans Day. If your organization, school or business has an event to honor Veterans Day, this is a great way to further galvanize support on this special day.

How do I get my flags?  

At the end of October, DAV will send Field of Flags kits to the address you provided at registration for flag campaigns that have raised over $250. Donations must be recorded by DAV on October 28, 2024 to tally for the number of flags in your kit.  

After we host our field, do I keep the flags? 

Yes, you can keep the flags. Our hope is you save them, and reuse them for next year’s field to make it even bigger! You may also want to allow your flag donors to take their flag home with them and keep it as a memento.

We want to make sure we treat the flag with respect. Any tips on proper flag etiquette?

DAV has a guide to ensure your flag is looking shipshape wherever-and whenever- you choose to fly it. Visit our article here: A Brief guide to flag etiquette

Where are the flags made?

They're made in the USA.

What should I do if someone gives me cash or check in person?

Please complete this form and mail donations to DAV National Headquarters at 860 Dolwick Drive, Erlanger, KY 41018, ATTN: Remittance Processing/DAV Field of Flags Fundraiser. Make checks payable to DAV (Disabled American Veterans). In order to ensure you receive credit for the donation, please note DAV Field of Flags Fundraiser and your fundraising page name in the memo field of the check. We will accept cash donations but we highly discourage sending cash in the mail.

How can I see who has donated to me?

Visit and sign into your account. Click view donations received from the top right menu options and then the list of donations as well as contributor name will appear.  

I mailed a donation but don’t see it on my donor list.

Please allow up to three weeks for donations to be processed.

How do I make a donation to a specific fundraiser?

Visit and click on the red donate button. On the donation page, search for the name of the fundraiser. Click on the red donate button when prompted and complete the remaining steps to make your donation. 

Where does the money go?

Funds raised through Field of Flags supports DAV’s mission of keeping our promise to the men and women who served. Just as America’s service members fought for us, DAV fights for them. DAV assists veterans by helping them gain access to the medical, financial and educational benefits they’ve earned along with connecting them to meaningful employment opportunities. All services are provided free of charge. Learn more about DAV’s programs and services at

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! If you donate online, you will receive an automated receipt which will include the tax deductible language, after your donation is processed; please keep a copy for your records.

How do I get a copy of my donation receipt?

The DAV Donor Relations team will be happy to help you with your receipt request, please dial: 859-442-1340 or send an email to:

I am unable to participate this year, but I want to stay informed for next year's campaign.

Join our mailing list and we will email you updates on Field of Flags and alert you when registration opens for Veterans Day 2025.

I have more questions, who do I contact?

The DAV Donor Relations team will be happy to help you with your additional questions, please dial: 859-442-1340 or send an email to: